Microtherm® Thin Sheet

Microtherm® Thin Sheet is plain Microtherm® microporous insulation in its thinnest form.
It is fibre free as classified by the WHO.
Microtherm® Thin Sheet has the same high temperature performance as other Microtherm® products and it can be shaped and carefully curved.

Ultra thin insulation for high temperature applications.

  • Microporous insulation offering the lowest theoretically possible thermal conductivity over a wide temperature range up to 1000 °C (1832 °F)
  • Microtherm® Thin Sheet offers a thermal performance at least 3 to 4 times better than conventional insulation materials at high temperatures
  • Microtherm Thin Sheet is available from stock in a standard thickness of 3 mm.  Thinner versions may be available on request.  It is ideally suited for the protection of delicate electronics, and missile and armaments guidance systems.

Product shots:

Microtherm® Thin Sheet is Microtherm® Block insulation manufactured in very small thicknesses. Microtherm® Thin Sheet has all the thermal performance benefits of Microtherm® high temperature microporous insulation. Microtherm® Thin Sheet is made in such a way that it can be manufactured in these very small thicknesses but it is robust enough to be handled and fitted during product assembly. It can be rolled around a cylindrical object or simply flexed into a curve prior to use. It is also ideally suited to the punching out of small shaped profiles for applications such as thermal protection to electronic components. Microtherm® Thin Sheet can be supplied in sheet form for customer shaping and use. Alternatively, it can be supplied in a particular outline shape for a specific application. Items can be supplied as complex shapes by laser profiling including the provision of holes. NC controlled laser profiling can guarantee repeat accuracy of multiple products.

Your value
  • Lowest thermal conductivity
  • Microtherm® Thin Sheet can be supplied in sheet form or as finished components
  • Complex shapes can be produced from a customer’s CAD file
  • Capable of being formed into a cylindrical shape by rolling.

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